i am sorry. my fandom love is on hold for tonight. My friend is dying.



If everyone donates $5 to chibi.coco@gmail.com or $10…. she can have a surgery and live.

The goal is $30,000.

This is an EMERGENCY and she’ll need the money ASAP (like possibly even THIS WEEKEND ASAP)

I apologize for the spam but to me it’s important. 

More information on why she needs the money is here.

If you can’t donate, please help signal boost this guys. Please help her.

Man feel so sleepy lately for some reason

I wonder if my periods is coming.

Aug 9, 2011 - 10:38pm


The Power of Words

I know this has been around but the message is a great one!


Fire statred behind my house in the bayou side at 4pm today

 4- 27- 11
I now have something watch tv now


Yup and it’s call supah ninjas on Nick. It have funny black guy, Owen, who knows Miku secret XD they’re best friends and I see some bl hints. Not only that a girl, Amanda,  join their ninja group become trio. The funny thing is that Owen seem to be jelly at Miku and Amanda because something going between those two. 



Well that was my last Sunday be young ;_; Didn’t know Easter was 1 week before my birthday. How I post know when there holiday coming when I don’t know because I don’t have a life? Either way I got Easter stuff from mom’s friend toda- yesterday I got $20 and candy. Also the grasses inn the back yard is turn yellow WTF? didn’t I water them other day? 



Yup I dreamt about them again….eh I don’t remember see them in store but story goes like this There was killer in store he was going after this woman because she was first one to get kill by him. While I was running to the park lot there was stormI was fearing of lighting so when I was at to mom’s…

 1 week ago


reblog if 4.20 dont mean a damn thing to you.


 I didn’t know what was it until I google it up :\

Nope I don’t do drugs or smoke or drink.



:\ just when i’m fixing to be homeless this anime have to come out soon. Dammnit!!!

Not only that but others animes I’m look forward this summer and autumn. >:( and I thought 2011 is going to suck bad with so many moe crap & fanservice anime.

 2 weeks ago

4- 15 - 11

why is that shipping is so damn expensive from Japan?


I’m so sleepy right now and all I’m be doing all day and week is looking for cheaper shipping but no most website have have 40 or up for 3 manga. I will just pay my mom $40 and she can pay other half.

wtf i’m saying again? i’m so damn sleepy i feel so drunk right now i can’t even think straight any more. I’m going to hit the fantasy land now „,

 4 - 25 - 11